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Various kinds of dishes cannot be separated from the use of flour. Ranging from various cakes, pastries, bread, noodles, and other types of foods that use flour as the main ingredient. To produce the perfect dish, the best quality flour is needed.

Sriboga Food Solutions is here to provide a solution. Established in 2013 as a food division of PT Sriboga Flour Mill, Sriboga Food Solutions (SFS) focuses on the production of premix ingredients (savory, sweet, bread) and wheat flour.

In the production process, SFS uses the latest technology, hygienic with machines from Europe and America. Supported by a team of experts in their fields, SFS innovates at its head office located in South Jakarta.

SFS has a type of product whose name is already well known by the Indonesian people, namely Sriboga EasyMix. A premix or ready-made flour product which contains certain ingredients that are tailored to the needs of dishes such as flour, milk powder, and other ingredients in powder form. You only need to add water and eggs if needed, according to the food you will make. Sriboga EasyMix is ​​available in Japanese Tempura, Crispy ala Kentucky, Fried Banana, Versatile, Fish n ‘Chips Batter, Pancake, Waffle, Mochi Donut, Vanilla Sponge, Chocolate Sponge and Pandan Chiffon.

Another excellent SFS product is Sriboga Inofa Heat Treated Wheat Flour.Speaking of heat treated flour products, SFS is the only producer of wheat flour which is processed using high heat in Southeast Asia. This advantage is obtained thanks to the supply of flour produced from factories in Semarang, Central Java, and the processing of flour which produces the best quality.

In terms of nutrition, heat treated flour is the best way to process protein in flour. Because the heating process is carried out at high temperatures, the flour palatability increases.

In terms of quality, flour treated with high temperature has a strong ability to absorb moisture, due to the starch gelatinization process in flour, so that the heat treated flour will produce better cake crumbs, increase cake volume, and extend storage life. In addition, heat treated flour offers the benefits of reducing bacteria and enzymes in flour, reducing moisture, and a softer texture.

By innovating and producing quality products, SFS is optimistic to achieve the vision of providing value-added food ingredients and sustainable solutions to customers. SFS is also confident of achieving the mission of becoming the most innovative and trusted producer of food ingredients with added value in Indonesia.


Credit: Medcom.id

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