PT Sriboga Flour Mill provides bulk delivery system for B2B customers

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Bulk Delivery, Excellent Logistics System for B2B Customers

Bulk shipping is a form of shipping goods in bulk without packaging. This delivery system is suitable for shipping heavy goods over long distances and is an excellent choice for B2B, wholesale, and e-commerce business models.

PT Sriboga Flour Mill also optimizes this logistics system. This innovation was introduced in 2014. Ever since the company has contributed to improving supply chain efficiency whilst providing better support for its B2B customers

But, what exactly is bulk delivery? Keep reading the article to learn more about it.

Bulk Delivery: Definition and Types of Goods

What is Bulk Delivery?

Bulk delivery is a form of delivery in which large quantities of goods are loaded onto delivery vehicles without packaging. This delivery system is suitable for shipments of heavy loads over long distances, even between islands. For shipments between islands or countries, the goods will be loaded into a big metal container to be sent by ship. As for the land route, this shipment is carried out with heavy-load container trucks.

Designed for bulk shipping, this delivery system is an excellent solution for Business to Business (B2B) business model, wholesale, or e-commerce deliveries. In contrast, this system is not recommended for small quantities and fast timeframes shipment.

Types of Goods for Bulk Delivery

Flour and wheat can be shipped with bulk delivery

There are so many different types of goods that can be shipped via bulk shipping. But generally, they are classified as dry or liquid cargo. Let's go over each group with their respective examples here:

Dry Cargo

As the name suggests, dry shipping does not carry liquid contents, such as oil, fuel, or liquid chemicals. Goods shipped by dry bulk shipping are often referred to as dry cargo. Dry cargo ranges from flour, wheat and grain, to supplies of raw materials such as wood and coal.

Liquid Cargo

The second type of goods that can be sent in bulk delivery is liquid products. Liquid bulk products are called wet cargoes and include all free flowing liquid materials. Ranging from chemicals such as gasoline to consumables such as milk or juice. Liquid bulk goods are shipped using special tanks that can be filled with liquid.

Can You Ship Flour in Bulk? 

In case you are wondering whether it is okay to flour in bulk, then yes, you can ship flour in bulk. As we discussed in the previous section, flour belongs to the dry bulk category. There is no specific rule that forbids you to ship flour in bulk. However, like all raw materials, you must ensure hygiene at every stage.

There is another point to take note of if you are planning to ship flour in bulk, choosing the right vehicle. There is one vehicle that can accommodate bulk flour shipments, a vertical bulk flour tank truck. A vertical flour tank truck is a truck with a horizontal cylindrical shape with several vertically inverted cones. This tank design allows low-density medium loads, such as flour, to slide off the tank walls more easily and leave no residue.

Compared to non-bulk transportation, bulk flour transportation provides many advantages for both suppliers and consumers. With this logistics system, flour is directly loaded onto tanker trucks from the flour mill's warehouse and transported to B2B consumer-owned silos. This form of shipping can help many businesses ensure that their inventory cycle is taken care of. Also, bulk shipping is an outstanding and cost-saving shipping solution.

PT Sriboga Flour Mill Offers Bulk Delivery for B2B Customers

Bulk delivery trucks by PT Sriboga Flour Mill

One of the subsidiaries of PT Sriboga Raturaya and a leader in the wheat flour production industry in Indonesia, PT Sriboga Flour Mill, is always looking for new ways to realize its vision and mission to strive for better and sustainable business operations. One proof is the latest logistics innovation 8 years ago.

In 2014, PT Sriboga Flour Mill introduced a bulk delivery logistics system. The innovation was made to help the company's B2B customers who need wheat flour to be sent directly to the silo. What preceded this innovation was the construction of a new 1,495 m2 distribution facility and warehouse at the Delta Silicon Industrial Park in Cikarang, West Java.

This project was carried out successfully thanks to the extensive cooperation between PT Sriboga Flour Mill and one of its shareholders, Mitsubishi Corporation. In 2013, these companies began developing plans to improve the efficiency of supply chain processes. One of which is to start supplying wheat flour to B2B customers in bulk instead of using bags.

PT Sriboga Flour Mill's logistics facility in Cikarang distributes wheat flour shipped from the company's factory in Semarang, Central Java. Wheat flour delivered to customers from this distribution center is poured into tanker trucks through the facility's feeding room. These trucks can hold up to 20 tons, making them the perfect vehicle to deliver wheat flour in bulk. 

To speed up the transfer process, the tanker truck is equipped with a blower capable of transporting 6 tons of wheat flour per hour. Also, PT Sriboga Flour Mill weighs their wheat flour digitally to ensure that products match the weight of the order. 

By implementing this logistics system, the company has significantly improved supply chain efficiency. Also, thanks to this innovation, the company is now able to provide better support for B2B customers. Should you have any inquiries regarding PT Sriboga FlourMill'sl bulk delivery logistics system, you can contact our team by filling out the form here.