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PT Sriboga Raturaya: Beyond A Food Company

PT Sriboga Raturaya is known by the public as a company that produces specialized wheat flour products. It is true, indeed. PT Sriboga Raturaya is a pioneer of wheat flour production in Indonesia that was established more than two decades ago and the focus of their first business is the production of food ingredients, more specifically wheat flour.


However, many do not know that in fact, PT Sriboga Raturaya's business units are very varied. For example, the company also operates as a franchisee of two global restaurant brands and succeeded in opening hundreds of outlets across the country.


Many also do not know that PT Sriboga Raturaya works closely with SMEs in the food and flour sector. The company has been empowering more than 3,500 SMEs to be able to develop and run a healthy business. Therefore, it is better for us to know better about PT Sriboga Raturaya and its business focus.


Manufacturing High Quality Food Ingredients: PT Sriboga Flour Mill and PT Mulia Inti Pangan 

PT Sriboga Flour Mill and PT Mulia Inti Pangan as high quality food ingredients manufacturer


Established in 1995, PT Sriboga Raturaya is a pioneer of high nutritional wheat flour company in Indonesia. The company started its production in an area of ​​4 hectares, located in the Tanjung Emas Harbor area, Semarang. 


Initially, PT Sriboga Raturaya only produced three wheat flour products: Beruang Biru, Pita Merah, dan Tali Emas. As the time goes by, the variety of products has been growing immensely. Today, the company has 18 wheat flour products with high nutrition for the Indonesian people. With this positive progress, the company was recognized as one of the top 5 wheat flour manufacturers in Indonesia.


In 2011, PT Sriboga Raturaya officially established PT Sriboga Flour Mill, a food ingredient manufacturing subsidiary company leading in innovation for specialized flour products. Today, PT Sriboga Flour Mill is one of the five largest flour producers in Indonesia. With the focus of giving specialized or customized flour products, they continue to innovate their flour products in line with the ever-growing customers’ needs. 


PT Sriboga Flour Mill has been expanding its distribution network so that they can reach more areas. Currently, the distribution has been carried out in DKI Jakarta, Central Java, West Java, Central Java, D.I Yogyakarta, East Java, and Bali. Aside from distributing locally, the flour producer is also reaching out into the global area. Countries in Southeast Asia such as Brunei, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Timor Leste have been the global customers of PT Sriboga Flour Mill. 


Apart from PT Sriboga Flour Mill, PT Sriboga Raturaya has another subsidiary that is also a food ingredients manufacturer, PT Mulia Inti Pangan. Previously, PT Mulia Inti Pangan was a division under PT Sriboga Flour Mill. In 2019, they decided to stand independently due to differences in business activities and production. 


While PT Sriboga Flour Mill focuses on processing customized wheat flour, PT Mulia Inti Pangan focuses on increasing the benefits and value of the flour through the use of technology. With a fully-equipped innovation center, PT Mulia Inti Pangan can focus on developing Heat Treated Flour, Premix Flour, Marinades, Seasonings, Fillers and Binders, Food Coatings, and other functional food ingredients.


All in all, PT Sriboga Raturaya’s two subsidiaries in the manufacturing food ingredients industry have the same goal: presenting the best and most nutritious food ingredients for the people.


Building Global Brands in Indonesia: Pizza Hut and Marugame Udon

Sriboga Raturaya builds Pizza Hut and Marugame Udon in Indonesia


Being in the food industry, PT Sriboga Raturaya has the initiative to bring global restaurant brands to Indonesia. One of its subsidiaries, PT Sarimelati Kencana Tbk, is trusted to be the partner of Pizza Hut in Indonesia. PT Sriboga Raturaya's strength in the food industry and understanding of Indonesian consumer tastes support Pizza Hut's success in expansion so that it can have more than 500 outlets throughout Indonesia. 


In addition to outlet expansion, this collaboration also resulted in a new business line: food delivery. In 2007, PT Sarimelati Kencana Tbk expanded the business field to include Pizza Hut Delivery (PHD), a business line by Pizza Hut that provides delivery service. This franchise agreement is proven to be successful as PT Sarimelati Kencana Tbk is awarded ‘Asia Franchisee of The Year’ consecutively from 2007 to 2009, and 2011 to 2013. The subsidiary then received the same award again in 2017. 


Seeing the popularity of Japanese dishes, PT Sriboga Raturaya acquired another global brand in 2013. Through another subsidiary, PT Sriboga Marugame Indonesia, they became the franchisee of Marugame Udon in Indonesia. 


In its first year alone, PT Sriboga Marugame Indonesia opened 3 Marugame Udon outlets in 3 big malls in Indonesia: Grand Indonesia, Gandaria City, and Kota Kasablanka. In the following year, they opened 15 outlets. Up to now, they oversee 77 regular Marugame Udon outlets across Indonesia.


PT Sriboga Raturaya's initiative to be the franchisee of two global restaurant brands provides benefits for all. By opening a franchise restaurant of Pizza Hut and Marugame Udon in Indonesia, PT Sriboga Raturaya is helping them reach the Indonesian market. For Indonesians, these initiatives give them opportunities to taste authentic global flavors from Pizza Hut and Marugame Udon without having to go overseas.


PT Sriboga Raturaya understands the importance of halal certification in Indonesia. Thus, PT Sriboga Raturaya ensured that both franchise restaurants received halal certification from the Indonesian Ulema Council (Indonesian: Majelis Ulama Indonesia, MUI). Pizza Hut received halal certification in 1997, while Marugame Udon received halal certification in 2015. This halal certification is accompanied by the adaptation of halal food ingredients, ensuring the excellent quality and taste of each dish.


PT Sriboga Raturaya Empowers Indonesian SMEs

Sriboga UKM Center giving empowerment to MSMEs in Indonesia


Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are one of the most important pillars in building the nation's economy. Based on data from the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, until 2021, there are more than 64.2 million MSMEs Indonesia with a 97% absorption rate of the total workforce in the country. 


PT Sriboga Raturaya understands the importance of MSMEs in Indonesia, especially in building the economy. Therefore, PT Sriboga Raturaya contributes to empowering SMEs in Indonesia through Sriboga UKM Center, a division within PT Sriboga Flour Mill. This initiative began in 2004 with the Koperasi Anggota Rombongan Mie Ayam Yogyakarta (Koparomieyo Cooperative), a collective of chicken noodle sellers in Yogyakarta. 


Sriboga UKM Center collaborates with and empowers various SMEs in Indonesia, notably those who mainly use wheat flour as their main ingredients. Currently, Sriboga UKM Center has supported 3,502 small and medium enterprises in 20 cities. In 2021 alone, Sriboga UKM Center welcomed 216 new SMEs with a wide range of product categories. Starting from bread, noodles, traditional sweets, cakes and sponges, to biscuits and pastries. 


The empowerment is carried out through training, education, and assistance so that SMEs can develop and run a healthy business. SMEs are provided with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively grow their business and compete in the market. Also, they are equipped with the understanding of the industry standards in food hygiene and quality. Through hands-on assistance for our SMEs, Sriboga UKM Center continues to make a positive contribution to the community and our nation's economy.