Planning for the future, overcoming new challenges and contributing to a sustainable economy for our people.

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Sriboga’s story continues to be written every day by thousands of men and women around the world. Their experience, loyalty and trust provides inspiration for growth. Sriboga is an innovative company, with strategic planning extending well into the future. Nevertheless, Sriboga stays true to their history and values. The wheat stalk is our history, it reminds us of where we began. It is our link to our past, which goes back over 20 years, as we plan for the future, overcome a new set of challenges and contribute to a sustainable economy for our people.


Sriboga Raturaya is a leading player within Indonesia’s food sector, including food ingredient manufacturing and international food franchise restaurant management. We have established a strategic position within Indonesia’s dynamic upstream and downstream food industry that is rapidly expanding to serve the country’s growing middle class.

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Utilizing the latest technology in nutritional wheat flour production, Sriboga Flour Mill offers a range of innovative wheat flour products that cater to the specific consumer preferences of the Asian market. The group’s complementary downstream brands include Sriboga Bakeries Integra and Sriboga Food Solutions, which expertly develop successful products for the local Indonesian market as well as adhering to stringent international standards for export to markets such as Japan for breadcrumbs.

Our strengths in food ingredients and understanding of the tastes of the Indonesian consumer underpin the success of our food services division. As the trusted local partner of Yum!, Sriboga has made Pizza Hut Indonesia the largest ‘casual dining restaurant’ chain and second largest food franchise brand in Indonesia. 

Our expert operations and international standards continue to set us apart from competitors and be recongnized annually as Indonesia's leading food franchise operator.



With extensive experience in food supply, operations, human resources and restaurant management, Sriboga Raturaya is continuing to grow its restaurant franchise portfolio which also includes Marugame Udon and The Original Boat Noodle.

To compliment this, Sriboga Raturaya has a historic investment in education, IPMI Business School. IPMI was the first to develop an English MBA program in Indonesia, and they continue their long-term commitment to support a better future for society through quality education.


Sriboga group is defined by an unwavering commitment to long-term, sustainable growth and inclusive development. These core principles see our company take a central role in communities by supporting students, entrepreneurs and SMEs that represent the brands and businesses of the future.

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