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What Is Double Zero Flour? The Best Flour for Pizza and Pasta

Pizza and pasta are the first things that come to mind when we think of Italian food. They are available in almost every country. However, not all pizzas and pasta have the same taste. What makes pizza and pasta have a good taste, depends on how they are made and the quality of the ingredients used. To make the best pizza and pasta, the early step is you need to choose the right flour.

Best pizza and pasta are made with double-zero flour which is specially formulated for these two cuisines. This flour created a pizza with a crispy crust and smooth pasta. Many people are still unfamiliar with double-zero flour. So, if you are one of them, here’s everything you need to know about double-zero flour!

What Is Double Zero Flour?

What Is Double Zero Flour

Double zero flour, also known as "doppio zero," is made by grinding flour several times until it achieves a texture similar to baby powder. This process also removes all the bran and germ from the wheat. 

There are many types of flour on the market. In Indonesia, we are used to categorizing the flour based on the level of protein content. In contrast to the Italians, they classify flour based on the level of fineness. Double zero flour “00 flour” is flour with the highest fineness, followed by a rougher texture grade of 0, 1, 2.

Sometimes, people get misconceptions about double zero flour. They think that “00 flour” is gluten-free flour. In fact, this flour still contains gluten, and that amount varies depending on the purpose of its use. The flour used to make pasta requires double zero flour with less gluten content than the ones used for pizzas.

Now, you might already understand what double zero flour is, right? However, to enhance your knowledge, we give you the differences between double zero flour and regular flour. Let’s find out!

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Difference Between Double Zero Flour and Regular Flour

Double zero flour is made from durum or soft wheat, unlike regular flour, which is made from a combination of hard and soft wheat flour. 

Double zero flour has higher protein at around 12-13% while regular flour has 10-12%. The higher protein content tends to create a firmer dough. This means that 00 flour will create crispier pizzas and lighter pasta than regular flour.

Moreover, double zero flour has lower gluten than regular flour. Gluten is a protein in wheat that helps create elasticity and gives the dough a stretchy and chewy texture — perfect for pastas and pizzas as they need to be easily molded into different shapes and sizes.

Another difference lies in the colors, double zero flour is white while the regular flours have a gradually darker color. 

This table below summarizes the difference between double-zero flour and regular flour:

Table of the differences between double-zero flour and regular flour

All the differences in double zero flour affect the texture and taste of the product. But, how does it affect the business? Is it more profitable? Let’s break it down to get the answer. 

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Why We Should Use Double Zero Flour

Making pizza with double zero flour

If you are an owner of a pizza or restaurant, a good question to ask would be, “Should I use double zero flour for my product?” Well, the short answer is yes.  But why? Here are the answers: 

Quality of Food

Double zero flour is a premium product, using this flour will also bring your product to premium quality. A premium product not only establishes its own high-quality reputation but also improves the perception of your entire product line up. 

The Authentic Italian Food Taste

Making a pizza or pasta with an authentic Italian taste could be a unique selling point for your business. 

The expert used double zero flour because it gives an authentic taste of pizza which has a thin base with a crispy crust. You will find it hard to find an authentic taste of pizza if you are making it with another regular flour as double zero flour makes it easier to absorb moisture compared to others. So, you’ll likely need less water to get your dough to the required consistency. This will ensure that you will have pizza with a crispy crust. 

Now, if your business offers pasta on the menu, considering their premium quality is definitely a must. In creating a pasta, you have to make sure that there’s enough gluten to stretch the dough without breaking it and to give your pasta that perfect density and bite, not too chewy. Gluten in double zero flour has the perfect composition to achieve pasta with a smooth texture and softer bite.

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Sriboga Double Zero, The Finest Double Zero Flour from Sriboga

Sriboga Double-Zero FlourNowadays, you can easily find double zero flour at both offline or online stores. However, the most important thing is choosing the best flour for your product based on the quality of the flour. If you're wondering how you can get it, we've got you covered.

Sriboga Double Zero is the flour of choice because the quality of the flour is controlled for purity, gluten quality, and protein level, giving the flour smoothness, color, and low ash content. Our flour has a water absorption minimum of 62% which is a good number for your dough consistency in creating a pizza with a crispy crust. Meanwhile, another component also has the best quantity that matches your pizza and pasta dough.

Our company has a commitment to bringing the finest quality of double zero flour to your product. Used by the popular Italian restaurant, Pizza Hut Indonesia, it's a concrete proof that we serve the best flour for making your pasta and pizza dough. 

Interested in adopting Sriboga Double Zero for your product? Don’t hesitate to ask our team for choosing the right flour for you. Click here to find us!