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How to Make Crispy Cookies

If you like making cookies or cookies but always fail, it could be because it's tough and not crunchy, meaning there is a wrong method when making it.

But, unfortunately we always blame the cake is not crispy because of the wrong way of storage. In fact, the wrong one is because the method or recipe used, and also the way to grill it is wrong.

Met Accurately CULINER, Chef Riyandi Suherman from Sriboga Customer Center (SCC) Jakarta, said, while cooking according to recipes or how to bake the right, cookies will still be crispy.

he said: "Crispy Cookies Are not from the right place and method of storage. But from the method as long as the cookies are right they will be crispy, crispy and hold for three months in an airtight jar".

Meanwhile, there are also ways to grill them for example, first seen the texture and thick, thin cookies.

He said: "If the cookies are thick but want crispy roasting temperatures, do not exceed 160 degrees, while the cooking time is longer, around 20 to 25 minutes. Meanwhile, if the thin cookies are faster, the time is around 10 minutes" .


Credit: Akurat