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Anti Corruption Agent Certification

Thirty-three students of Business Ethics in IPMI International Business School conducted community engagement programs for high school students in the form of an Anti-Corruption campaign. These campaigns were done as part of a series of processes to earn an Anti-Corruption Agent certification from the National Body for Professional Certification (BNSP).

The students were able to show the complete process of preparing the lesson plan, the case studies, the essay, the role play, and the simulation they used during the anti-corruption campaign. The assessors granted them the certification of Anti-Corruption Agent which is a great achievement and would be a great addition to their portfolio. This is also showing IPMI’s commitment to Responsible Management Education by producing future business leaders with integrity and a high level of ethical conduct.

Congrats to all students!

We are proud to have responsible future business leaders for the community.


For more pictures, kindly visit: http://ipmi.ac.id/s/BBABNSP