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Can Breads Be Kept in Freezers?

Bread is not food with long age. Only a maximum of three or five days in the future. But sometimes, many people often store Bread only tied up or kept in airtight cupboards or jars.

When in fact, you can store white Bread in the freezer. This does not even damage the quality.

To Accurate Culinary, Chef Deny Panca from Sriboga Customer Center (SCC), revealed that storing good Bread can be in the freezer, not in the chiller.

he explained in the Sriboga Flour Mill Baking Workshop at the GrandKemang Hotel, South Jakarta. "Tips are correct and so durable, Bread fresh is better kept in the freezer. So if you like to eat, so stay out one, allowed to stand for a while so not cool. Anyway, if you want dikonsumi, just wait until the appropriate temperature of the room, not long anyway".

Chef Deny does not recommend storing white Bread in the chiller, because it can later change the texture, and become unpleasant.

He explained: "If it is stored in the chiller, which is cold, then the Bread gets harder and harder. But the difference is that if you use an airtight package, it can be stored in the chiller, it doesn't matter as long as the temperature isn't too high".


Credit: Akurat