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Sriboga Flour Mill Holds Baking Demo in Bandung

Sriboga Flour Mill Holds Baking Demo in Bandung. The event took place at the Harris Hotel & Conventions Citylink Festival, Jalan Peta No 241, Bandung.

This year Sriboga Flour Mill raised the theme 'Sriboga Baking Demo , Ramadan Cookies Vaganza'.

Sriboga Flour Mill Baking Demo in Bandung
Sriboga Flour Mill Baking Demo in Bandung

The participants who attended were as many as 150 people from Bandung and Suburban, West Java. Each of them is a business actor in the cookies industry, UKM, to Start Up Food entrepreneur.

This baking demo is also practiced directly by a trusted chef from Sriboga Flour Mill . The chef is Chef Vidya Listyanova (Sriboga Customer Bandung), Chef Riyandi Suherman (Sriboga Jakarta Customer Center), and Chef Rudy (PT Kewpie Indonesia). In front of 150 participants, the three chefs demonstrated several recipes and how to make cookies.

These cake recipes include oatmeal rice crispy cookies, chocolate crinkle cookies, marshmallow & chocolate cookies, white almond cookies, snow puff cookies, and cheese puff cookies.

Sriboga Flour Mill's Customer Center Manager , Panca Indra Pristiawan, said, the purpose of this Baking Demo is to educate the cookie industry business and others, regarding the latest trend cookies and the use of supporting ingredients.

Panca said: "Not only that, our chefs also presented how to process cookies products that would sell on the market. Through Baking Damo, participants were sure to be ready to sell their cookies when they were approaching Ramadan later".

Panca added, the reason for the Baking Demo was to prefer cookies, because in the past two years the trend of cookies returned to being talked about.

Especially if it is packaged beautifully, it automatically attracts the attention of consumers to share photos of cookies through social media.

Panca said: "In the digital age of technology, it can be a lucrative business opportunity, especially for cookies entrepreneurs to develop their business opportunities. However, not only the product packaging and display factors, but also quality aspects must be considered in accordance with the times".

From organizing the Baking Demo , Sriboga Flour Mill also invited participants to use quality Cookies specifically for wheat flour. The flour intended is Sriboga Ninja flour consisting of 25kg and 1kg packaging.

Panca explained "The grade flour is Super Premium. Especially at this event, Sriboga Flour Mill specifically introduces Sriboga Ninja 1kg packaging to participants". At the event, Sriboga Flour Mill also collaborated with PT Kewpie Indonesia. Kewpie Indonesia is the main sponsor of the Sriboga Baking Demo in Bandung and other cities (Jakarta and Jogja).

Area Sales Manager, PT Kewpie Indonesia, Arrofio Satrio Alam, said that through this collaboration PT Kewpie Indonesia introduced the use of mayonnaise ingredients for cookies and cake products. The material serves to replace the egg ingredients in the mixture.

Arrofio said: "In this event we also explained three principles in making cookies to participants. The three principles are taste, coast friendly, and operational friendly. Thus, cookies and other entrepreneurs can mix quality cookies and can compete in the market ". After being held in Bandung, next Sriboga Baking Demo will greet Jogja people.

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