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Sriboga invites hundreds of children with disabilities in Ramadan
Sriboga invites hundreds of children with disabilities in Ramadan

Ramadan is always a moment of sharing with others. Unfortunately this moment rarely touches children with special needs (disabilities). Even though the children also want to gather together, have fun, be happy, eat together and essentially want to be noticed, not even ignored.

The Sriboga Raturaya group has a high concern for children with special needs. Three years running, now again sharing happiness by holding fast breaking together invites 257 children with disabilities from 5 Extraordinary Schools (SLB), 2 Children with Disabilities Foundation and 1 community around Jakarta.

Positive activities for persons with disabilities who participated quite varied, ranging from the deaf, speech impaired, physically disabled to the mentally disabled (down syndrome, hydrosephalus), carrying the theme “Ceria with Special Children” was held at Swissbell Hotel & Residences, South Jakarta, Thursday (05/31/2018) evening.

“We see children with disabilities also need more attention because they are also part of the young generation of the nation’s hope. This time we invite disability children from different institutions from the previous year, with the hope that more institutions will be embraced. it turns out there are quite a lot in Jakarta, “said Edni Aswita Basri, Director of Human Resources and Communication at PT Sriboga Raturaya.

He admitted, this kind of event rarely approached children with disabilities, even though they also needed the same attention also needed to meet with their fellow friends who had the same limitations. Also for parents can take advantage of opportunities to share stories so they can add insight, new knowledge and experience. “We realize that children with disabilities also need more attention from the people around them,” he said.

So, all children with disabilities can meet with their fellow friends so that they are expected to provide moral support and increase their enthusiasm to continue their lives. This event is part of a commitment to contribute to the community implemented by the Sriboga Raturaya Group in a sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program that is carried out in several locations.

“We are aware that in doing business, we grow with the community, so it is our responsibility to provide positive reciprocal benefits to the community. For this reason, continuous CSR programs always get more priority in our corporation, “he continued.

Besides opening together, various interesting events are presented for children with disabilities. The event is packaged in playtainment format, which is playing and entertainment, by inviting disabled children to fun in the 10 interesting games and entertainment that have been prepared.

Other activities include drop and go, which is giving takjil iftar to the residents of the orphanage. This year, there are 6,600 orphanages that are distributed in turn every day in the 2018 Ramadhan.

The Sriboga Raturaya Group is the parent company of; PT Sriboga Flour Mill (flour industry), PT Sriboga Bakeries Integra (bread industry, sweet bread, bread cumb), PT Sarimelati Kencana (Indonesian Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut Delivery and The Kitchen by Pizza Hut), PT Sriboga Marugame Indonesia ( Marugame Udon & Tempura), PT Usaha Dagang Sumber Rezeki (wheat flour product distribution) and PT IPMI International Indonesia (education).

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