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Sriboga Flour Mill Holds Baking Workshop Ahead of Ramadan

Sriboga Flour Mill held a baking workshop to organize micro-small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) about the latest culinary trends and the use of supporting ingredients.

The event which was held at the Grand Dafam Hotel Yogyakarta, Wednesday (03/20/2019) aims to help the community, especially MSMEs, to innovate the processing of products, especially pastries according to the trend as well as preparation before the month of Ramadan.

Sriboga Flour Mill Holds Baking Workshop Ahead of Ramadan

"In recent times, the trend of cookies has again been talked about. Moreover, if packaged beautifully and attractively, it will automatically attract the attention of consumers to share photos of cookies through social media. In the digital age of technology, it can be a lucrative business opportunity," Regional Business said Central 2 Manager PT Sriboga Flour Mill , Matheus Agung Supriyadi on the sidelines of the activity.

Matheus explained, in addition to the product packaging and display factors, quality aspects must also be considered by MSME actors. Sriboga Flour Mill in this case also offers workshop participants to choose quality specialty pastries for flour.

He said "Our products specifically for cookies can use Sriboga Ninja Flour, which consists of 25kg, and 1kg packaging. Especially for this event, Sriboga Flour Mill reintroduced to the invitees who attended the 1kg package".

On that occasion, his party also provided a number of promos for participants and only applies to the event. For the purchase of Sriboga Ninja 1kg Wheat Flour, which is normally priced at Rp. 9,300, it offers a 3 kg bundling package, which originally costs Rp. 27,900 to Rp. 24,000.

The activity was a collaboration between the Sriboga Customer Center (SCC) team and PT Kewpie Indonesia which included the cake industry business, UMKM to culinary entrepreneur startup companies that raised the Sriboga Baking Demo theme, Ramadhan Cookies Vaganza.

Various baking-making techniques are practiced by Chef Bangun Budiyanto (from SCC Yogyakarta), assisted by Chef Ari Sofi Fadilla (from SCC Yogyakarta) and Chef Rudy (from Kewpie Indonesia) including Teri Cookies Cheese, Choco Crinkle Cookies, Kastangel Cookies, Special Nastar Cookies , White Almond Cookies, and Dahlia Cookies.

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