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cerebriti cake event at bogor city
Our event at bogor city

After successfully producing Super Premium wheat flour with Low ash fine granulation, namely Hime, Double Zero. and Ninja, and flour premix with the Easy Mix brand, this time, PT Sriboga Flour Mill launches specialty Cake Flour or called Cake Flour with the Yokozuna brand.

To introduce this Cake Flour Yokozuna, PT Sriboga Flour Mill conducts safari to seven cities starting from the founding city of PT Sriboga Flour Mill Factory in Semarang as the first city, on September 6, 2018. Then continued in Yogyakarta on September 13 2018, Surabaya on September 27 2018, Bandung 11 October 2018, and Bekasi October 25 2018.

Bogor City was designated as the 6th city whose event was held at Padjadjaran Suite Resort Convention Ballroom Hotel Inner Ring Road Bogor Road LOT XIX C-2 No.17 BNR Bogor, Saturday (11/10/18). Then the last event will be held in Denpasar, Bali.

The event organized by the Sriboga Customer Center (SCC) team was packaged in the form of a seminar with the theme “Seminar & Baking Business Solution Demo. Cake Fiesta, Zaman Now Celebrity Cake Cake “by inviting the cake industry, UMKM business people to Food Start Up Entrepreneurs.

In this event, various applications of cakes such as Tupo Rol Cake, Matcha Milk Cake, Black Sticky Rice Cake, Beef Floss Chiffon Cake, & Green Beans Chiffon are demonstrated by Chef Vidya Listyanova (SCC Semarang) Wave Choco Roll Cake, Chef Riyandi Suherman (SCC Jakarta) Pineamon Cake, and Chef Deny Panca (SCC Surabaya) TropicaI Mango Cake, in order to inspire invited guests to apply the cake now the trend to be traded.

The event was also filled with a seminar on Cake Cake Business Opportunities with the theme Cake Innovation by Deddy Rustandi, as Sriboga Bakery Noodle Consultant.

PT Sriboga Flour Mill’s Marketing Manager, Rike Sundari explained, This is the first nation’s child products in Indonesia that are inspired by Japan,

and this, the only local product because so far, its competitors are mostly imported.

“Through this activity, we try to motivate SMEs to improve and optimize their profits by way of a little innovation related to processed products. We triggered them not to target them in the usual segment but in the upper middle segment. The method must be a change in terms of product innovation that he made, “he explained.

He considered, the trend of celebrities opened up so many cake shops with fantastic selling prices compared to the selling prices of MSMEs. Moreover, the city of Bogor is one of the parameters of the potential cake product innovation that is targeted by celebrities.

“We call celebrity-style cake does not mean they have to become celebrities. That is, they can market their products through social media so that they can become celebrities among themselves through innovation and a more attractive appearance. Therefore, there is a technical seminar on cake making and there is a seminar on how to do it, “he explained.

Meanwhile, SCC Manager Training, Panca Indria Pristiawan added, the cake, the segment is small. Therefore, the target is the value.

“Because of our success in marketing flour products before, this product is expected to be acceptable to the market and successful sales. I am optimistic that the trend of cake making is increasingly popular in Indonesia with the emergence of Celebrity Cake, as well as other contemporary cakes in Indonesia, thus opening the opportunity to market Cake Flour to Horeca, Household, Cake shop, and good industries in Indonesia to Export, “said Panca.

He explained, Yokozuna Cake Flour is specially designed with the advantage that the cake results are more moist, the volume is optimal, the pores are smoother, and there is no need to add starch to the recipe. With these advantages, it is hoped that consumers can distinguish between regular regular flour and specialty cake flour.

So far, Panca said, Cake Flour in Indonesia is only filled with imported products, therefore, PT Sriboga Flour Mill produces specialty cake flour to fill the vacancy of the slot.

“Right now, the segment is still home to consumers of MSMEs and general individuals. Because this flour, specifically for cake, the distribution of sales is still to the cake ingredients shops. Packaging is still 1 kg.he explained “Gradually, 10 kg of packaging will be made for larger industrial segments and the Export market with prices that are more competitive with imported flour,” .

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