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PT Sriboga Invites 250 UKM in Tegal to Develop Digital-Based Culinary Business

Baking Demo Events at Tegal
Baking Demo Events at Tegal

PT Sriboga Flour Mill encourages culinary Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Tegal and surrounding areas to innovate in the digital 4.0 era .

This was revealed, General Manager of PT Sriboga Flour Mill, Rike Sundari in the Baking Demo event, as well as the release of a new super premium flour product.

In this event, Rike invited around 250 SMEs in the Tegal and surrounding areas who are partners of PT Sriboga to develop its product innovation through a digital platform .

Through the release of new products namely, Flour Super Premium Hime and Double Zero, Rike invites its partners to innovate in its culinary products amid increasingly fierce competition.

At this event, his party also invited a number of Chefs who were assigned to demonstrate or demonstrate modern culinary cuisine.

This was done in order to give a few examples and ideas for culinary UKM , especially those engaged in the business of selling bread in developing their products.

Rike said "The chefs here demonstrate making culinary preparations from salted eggs so they can be developed more modernly into Pao Salted Chicken Eggs. If selling processed products like this will certainly add to the variety of product innovations".

In addition to innovating, the flour company based in the city of Semarang also presented digital practitioners from Google My Business.

According to Rike, Google was invited so that SMEs in the Tegal area could be literate and begin to market their products widely via digital .

He explained "So marketing is no longer conventional. Google is invited to share information with SMEs . We also disseminate information on the ways and benefits of registering their businesses in the Google search engine so that people can see it in the 4.0 era," .

Meanwhile, UKM Manager PT Sriboga Floor Mill, Irfan Wahyudi said, so far it has partnered with 8,000 SMEs throughout Indonesia.

For in the Tegal , Brebes, and surrounding areas, Irfan said the number of SMEs that have partnered with it there are as many as 250 businesses.

He explained "We have helped a lot from zero to developing to have employees like today. Our hope, every partner of PT Sriboga's SMEs can level up through digital development ," .

Regarding the event, he said that the Tegal region was the third location (3) in the series of baking demo events for the release of super premium grade flour products by his side.

PT Sriboga itself will come to 10 cities / regencies in Indonesia to introduce its new products to SME partners .

Irfan explained "Previously in Semarang, this time in Tegal . Even the baking demo was a roadshow to 10 cities / regencies. Not only in Central Java, but throughout Indonesia. We will introduce our new products to the Sriboga UKM partners . This product is still very new, we are targeting the upper middle class consumers because of the super premium class".



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