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Marugame Udon & Tempura Presents Hokkaido Miso Udon Menu

Who does not know Udon, a type of food from Japan that has been popular in Indonesia.

In Medan, the restaurant that provides udon is Marugame Udon & Tempura located in Sun Plaza, Jalan Zainul Arifin, Medan. This time, Marugame Udon released its newest product variant, the Hokkaido Miso Udon.

Hokkaido Miso Udon
Hokkaido Miso Udon

Hokkaido Miso Udon is equipped with flavorful miso sauce, minced chicken meat, sweet corn and butter.

Koko from Marugame Udon & Tempura Sun Plaza Medan said "Hokkaido Miso Udon has a distinctive Japanese udon flavor. So, if we want to enjoy this menu, we don't need to go all the way to Japan". Marugame Udon is an original restaurant from Japan, which has 56 outlets in Indonesia, and has been equipped with halal certification from MUI (Indonesian Ulama Council).

He added "Marugame Udon also has Loyalty Apps on the Play Store. Download, collect points & exchange vouchers ".

Credit: Kebarmedan

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