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Marugame Udon and True Udon Taste

Are you a lover of Japanese food? If so, surely you are familiar with the Marugame Udon restaurant . This restaurant from Sakura is known for the delicious Udon they serve. Udon itself is one type of noodle that is known to have a thick, chewy and soft texture, with an appetizing delicacy that tastes good. Marugame Udon itself has been operating in Indonesia since 2013 and has 56 outlets spread throughout Indonesia.

Marugame Udon and Tempura

This place carries a minimalist Japanese feel. Walls, doors, tables, chairs, even small knick-knacks made of real wood. Wood elements and eclectic ornaments give the room a natural look. This restaurant also has an open kitchen concept where the condition of the kitchen is openly arranged so you can see the production process directly until the food is served.

Beef Curry Udon and Niku Udon

There are several menu choices that are served, ranging from Beef Udon, Chicken Udon, to the classic Udon Signature touch which consists of two choices - Kamaage Udon and Zaru Udon. For the Kamaage Udon menu, it is served with hot sauce in a wooden bowl, while Zaru Udon is a cold noodle with a dashi bukaki dipping sauce.

For those of you who like meat can order Beef Curry Udon which consists of udon with slices of sukiyaki meat and a very thick and savory curry sauce. But if you want a more light taste , then Niku Udon will suit you. This menu is served with warm and delicious Kake Dashi soup.

Chicken Katsu Udon and Tori Baitan Udon

This restaurant also serves chicken udon dishes such as Tori Baitan Udon and Chicken Katsu Udon. The Tori Baitan Udon menu is served with delicious chicken broth soup with a soft and savory chicken meatball topping. While Chicken Katsu Udon will be suitable for you who like udon with a delicious and flavorful combination of chicken katsu and curry sauce.

With a myriad of delicacies served at a bag-friendly price, Marugame Udon is suitable to visit not only for Japanese food lovers, but for all those who want to enjoy the pleasure of a Udon bowl with an authentic taste of Sakura.

Credit: Kumparan

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