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How to Choose the Right Flour for Your Products

Flour is an all-important ingredient, used as a main component in most baking recipes. When it

comes to baking and cooking with flour, there are many choices. It all depends on what type of

food is being prepared. If you run a professional kitchen or if you sell products with flour as a

raw ingredient, you know that choosing the right flour is crucial to have superior products to

offer to your customers.

Here is a short, useful guide on choosing the right flour for your products
Here is a short, useful guide on choosing the right flour for your products

1. Cake Flour

This kind of flour has the lowest protein content, making it ideal for baking cakes, scones,

muffins, and biscuits. This type of flour usually absorbs moisture and sugar compared to other

types of flour. It usually has a lighter, softer texture. Sriboga Flour Mill’s Red Ribbon flour

(Pita Merah), with a protein content of 8.5 to 9%, is perfect for traditional and modern cakes,

biscuits, cookies, and pie crusts.

2. Bread Flour

Bread flour is the strongest out of all flour types. It has a protein content of 12 to 14%,

providing the most structural support. Gluten-forming proteins are especially important in a

yeasted bread, as they have CO2 gases that are needed for fermentation. When worked through

processing or hand-kneading, the gluten is developed and results in a chewier crumb. More

protein also means better volume and more browning in the crust.

3. Pasta Flour

Double Zero or 00 flour is usually made from soft wheat and is used in Italian pasta. Sriboga

Flour Mill produces special Double Zero white flour made from the purest semolina. Aside

from pasta, this type of flour is also used for Italian bread such as focaccia and ciabatta.

4. Noodle Flour

Noodle flours are a little bit different from pasta flours. They usually have a protein content of

11-12%. The best noodle flours, such as Naga Emas from Sriboga Flour Mill, are specially

developed to produce high-quality, high-protein yellow noodles. They have perfect elasticity

and a firm texture needed for making Asian-style noodles such as Mie Hokkien, Pho noodles,

and yellow noodles.

5. Pastry Flour

Pastry flour is unbleached and made from soft wheat. Pastry flour should have the ideal

balance between tenderness and flakiness, which makes it ideal for pies, tarts, cookies, and

other types of pastries.

6. Pizza Flour

Pizza flour is usually made using flour with higher protein content than all-purpose flour. Pizza

dough needs about 12% to 13.5% protein. It results in a workable dough that absorbs less

water. Pizza four can also be used for European-style bread such as croissants, baguettes, and

hearth bread. Sriboga Hime flour is the best for traditional pizza. Also Double Zero (00) and New Blue Bear are the best for Pizza.


No matter what type of flour you need, you have to make sure that it has exceptional quality,

just like Indonesia-based Sriboga Flour Mill’ selection of high-quality flour. Sriboga Food

Production is the leading wheat flour and food ingredients producer in the country. Sriboga

Flour Mill uses state-of-the-art facilities, making sure that they produce the best quality for

various professional needs. They produce reliable products so that you can, in turn, provide the

best for your customers.

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