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Every SMEs Business Practitioners Should Join this Webinar!

IPMI International Business School in collaboration with Sriboga Flour Mill, Sriboga UMKM Center, and IKOPIN Business Incubator Center will be hosting the first UMKM Webinar Serial.⠀

Ketahanan Bisnis UMKM di Masa New Normal
Ketahanan Bisnis UMKM di Masa New Normal

In the first webinar titled "Ketahanan Bisnis UMKM di Masa New Normal," SMEs practitioners will learn how to create, build, and developed the fittest SME that can survive under pressure and adapting to the challenging business environment in COVID-19 pandemic. ⠀

The speakers will also share their challenges and how to develop qualified and skilled human resources within their business.⠀

Speakers: ⠀

* Emil Arifin (Direktur Utama, PT Dani Prisma Mitra)⠀

* Indra Fahmi (Dir. Pusat Inkubator Bisnis & Kewirausahaan Ikopin (PIBI Ikopin)⠀

* Faruki Ismael, MBA (CEO Faruq & Co., PT Faruq Adi Sejahtera, Alumni MBA IPMI)⠀

SMEs Business Practitioners:⠀

* Nasirudin, SE. (Owner of "Mie Ayam Sruput" Purworejo)⠀

* Suprapto (Business Owner "Martabak Acil Gama" Bandung)⠀

* Sukamto Adi (Owner of "Adisae Bakery," Ketua Koperasi UKM Bakery & Mie (KOBAMIE) Kendal)⠀


Irfan Wahyudi (UKM Manager, PT Sriboga Flour Mill)⠀

Welcoming Speech:⠀

* Alwin Arifin (Direktur Utama PT Sriboga Raturaya)⠀

* Prof. Ir. Aman W., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Executive Director IPMI International Business School)⠀

The webinar will be delivered in Bahasa Indonesia.

Save the date!⠀

Thursday, July 16th, 2020 13.30 - 16.30 WIB⠀

FREE Registration: www.ipmi.ac.id/s/umkm⠀

More details & inquiry:⠀

Leni (0852-6825-1712)⠀

Ayu (0859-2107-7581)⠀

Let's join to strive for your business!

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