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Enhancing the Capabilities of Industry Bakery Players, Sriboga Four Mill Holds Baking Workshop

Around 250 participants seemed enthusiastic to join the baking workshop organized by PT Sriboga Flour Mill at the Grand Dafam Signature Hotel.

Carrying the headline 'Sriboga Bakery & Pastries Fiesta', three chefs from Sriboga Costumer Center (SCC) were present.


They are Chef Deny Panca who demonstrated the making of chicken croissant cheese (chickcrocheese), Chef Riyandi Suherman who demonstrated the john puff pastry, and Chef Dwi Winarno with the creation of salted chicken egg pao.

There was also Chef Garry from Filma and Chef Ade from Emina Cheese, who participated in the demonstration of making a variety of breads and pastries.

In addition to educating the participants in making cakes, PT Sriboga Four Mill also gave a seminar on digital business.

Rike Sundari , general manager of PT Sriboga Flour Mill said, "We present speakers from Google My Business to share information on how and the benefits of registering their businesses in the Google search engine". So that participants can spread information and increase their sales online.

Panca Indria Prasetiawan , PT Sriboga Flour Mill's sales operations & support manager said, "We also provide frozen food so that participants can sell online. We also provide attractive packaging so that they understand that packaging also affects sales".

The participants who were dominated by women seemed enthusiastic to pay attention during the demonstration and seminar took place.

While looking at the recipe book that was distributed, the participants actively asked questions about the cake being demonstrated. The chefs also provide answers and complete discussion is also clear.

Kisaran, a participant and head of production at Komugi Bakery said, "Through this event, we can find out new baking methods because each chef has a unique method of applying each recipe. This is beneficial for my business".

In addition to providing education, this activity is also a momentum for PT Sriboga Flour Mill in re-introducing 1 kg of super premium flour packaging.

Panca Indria Pristiawan said, "The activity is also expected that industrial players and bakery SMEs can utilize the super premium grade flour as superior raw material to produce quality business products".

Previously, this activity took place in Semarang last Tuesday (07/16/2019) and will be held in eight other cities in Surabaya such as Tegal, Bandung, Denpasar and Yogyakarta.


Credit: Surya.co.id

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