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Business Management Lecture and Earn Scholarships at the IPMI International Business School Campus

Who are interested in continuing their education to the Department of Business Management? Business college were always attracts a lot of students, not only because employment opportunities are scattered, but also a powerful ability to start their own businesses alias so entrepreneurs .

If you choose to study in the Department of Business and Management, you have many opportunities to get a scholarship. Every year there are many institutions that offer scholarships for you who will continue your education in the Department of Business and Management.

One of the leading universities in the field of Business and Management that has a lucrative scholarship program is the IPMI College of Management, also known as IPMI International Business School. The IPMI campus is an international campus with English language instruction which has been known for decades and has given birth to business experts in various fields.

For undergraduate programs, IPMI International Business School annually provides scholarship programs for prospective students.

IPMI International Business School Scholarship

1. Partial Scholarship Through Entrance Screen Test Results

For those of you who are interested in entering IPMI, you have the opportunity to get a partial scholarship if your average score in semester 1 to 4 in high school / equivalent is 80. After that you have to take the Entrance Test to get a partial scholarship .

The results of this test will determine the value of the scholarship you get. Pieces that you can get range from 25% to 75% of all tuition fees, the value of this discount is equivalent to 50 million to 150 million rupiah. For that, make sure you maintain the value and be the best during school!

Besides going through report cards, you also have the opportunity to get a discount on tuition fees after taking the IPMI entrance screening test. If your entrance test is good, you can get a development fee discount of up to 45 million. Cool! Through this entrance test , you have the opportunity to get discounted fees throughout the lecture.

2. Achievement Scholarships

IPMI International Business School also provides scholarships to Quipperian who have academic and non-academic achievements. Through this student path you can get the chance to get up to 75% of all tuition fee.

So, if you have sporting achievements at the national / international level championship, national / international academic competition champions, or the highest province-level National Examination winner, don't forget to prepare a certificate and proof of your study!

In addition, there are other happy things if you are selected to get a scholarship on the IPMI International Business School campus, here ! The recipients of the IPMI scholarship will get a special opportunity to develop in the IPMI Championship Club section . At this club you will get opportunities for self-development and of course supported to participate in various national competitions according to your achievements and skills . It's really exciting right?

Armed with studying at IPMI International Business School with a scholarship program, you will have many advantages. Relief of education costs to opportunities for achievement in various prestigious competitions await you.

So, how do you register for a scholarship at IPMI International Business School? Easy, how come ! For more information, you can visit the official website www.ipmi.ac.id or call 021-797-8888. Good luck, guys!

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