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Best MBA Degree Program in Indonesia 2019—Study at IPMI

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

In South East Asia, Indonesia is considered the land of opportunity. Many opportunities await the youth to excavate the treasures out of the thousands of beautiful islands of the country. Located at the crossroads of the Pacific and the Indian Ocean, Indonesia is climbing up the ladder in terms of its education standards to bring better work opportunities and business arenas for the locals as well as foreigners.

Though renowned for the beautiful Island of Bali, Indonesia boasts what some consider the business capital of the ASEAN region, Jakarta. Indonesia successfully attracts more than 6,000 international students from Malaysia and other neighboring countries every year due to the rising standard of education and manageable cost of living for students.

Education System in Indonesia—What’s the Standard?

The higher education system in Indonesia acts according to a law enacted in 2012, which states that universities have institutional autonomy for quality assurance, and other various programs have been enacted to strengthen vocational education.

Noteworthy, 97% of the 3,000 universities are government-run. The higher education institutes are further categorized as:

  • Universities

  • Institutes

  • Academies

  • Polytechnics

  • Advanced Tertiary Schools

Indonesian higher education has three-tier degree system that includes bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs. Additionally, some also offer associate degrees.

The Ministry of Education and Culture oversees all the higher education institutes; but on top of that, public and private institutes have the authority to determine their policies and academic curriculum as per the world education standards. It ensures the inculcation of latest pedagogical methods and continuous curriculum upgrades are developed into the system at the universities autonomy.

Undoubtedly, Indonesia is overhauling the entire education system in order to provide world class education and offer the latest research facilities.

Why Study in Indonesia?

The exposure to a cultural mix of environments along with the institutional autonomy of the universities and schools ensures capacity-building, character-shaping, and confidence-building of the students. Moreover, a wide variety of job opportunities are available for both local and international students within Indonesia. Due to Indonesia’s outstanding business growth, there are ideal investment programs and offerings.

Tuition Fee and Program Duration:

Indonesia offers quite an affordable study program both at public and private institutes. Most universities offer different payment options, including an annual fee paid yearly, and the program fee can be paid per semester or per month. Discounts are usually offered if the entire annual and program fee is paid upfront. Bachelor programs are 4 years and master programs offer part time or full time options, ranging from 1 year to 2 years. The cost of university programs in Indonesia are very affordable compared to developed nations, and the cost of living is very cheap also.

For foreigners looking to study an international standard business degree program, it is best to consider the internationally recognised top rated Indonesian universities, by international ranking organisation EdUniversal. The only English university awarded in this category is IPMI Business School, making it the ideal option for foreigners and local Indonesians wanting an English international standard degree.

Many of the private universities in Indonesian such as IPMI Business School, offer dual degree programs, and some of these are offered in partnership with international universities in America, Australia, France etc.

The Indonesian academic year begins in mid July and ends in mid June, there are school breaks in December and for the Muslim Eid Holiday (Eid dates change every year).

Students can successfully obtain a work visa if they secure employment before graduation.

Master’s Degree In South East Asia:

The average unemployment rate in Indonesia is relatively lower than the neighboring countries. Indonesia offers great opportunities for locals and foreigners to further their career through MBA programs.

A master’s degree paves way for better job opportunities and career growth, especially at lucrative industries such as the gas and petroleum industry, mining, construction and tourism. To open better pathways of success, getting a master’s degree is imperative in these regions.

MBA Degree Over Other Master’s Programs

In South East Asia, a Master of Business certification is often considered the best opportunity for career growth. An MBA is valuable in any industry, and is particularly appreciated in Indonesia.

Many international and Indonesian students opt for business studies when it comes to choosing a field of study. The best MBA programs in Indonesia offers comprehensive knowledge of the international business world. MBA graduates use thinking skills and knowledge of business theory and practice to make effective decisions and have the ability to integrate tools and concepts from multiple areas (i.e. finance, marketing, operations, etc.) to solve business problems. These skills have a broad range of applications and therefore an MBA is a fantastic choice as it open career growth opportunities across a broad range of industries.

An MBA degree, when pursued along with work experience, adds value to the learnt theories and knowledge. The students can apply the knowledge to real world situations. Many Indonesian business schools offer part time study programs in order to give the students the flexibility to continue their own employment.

Another opportunity which is popular in Indonesia and SEA is entrepreneurship. Many local Indonesian people from all income levels have developed a ‘side business’, or start up, which they pursue alongside their ‘day job’. In a growing economy like Indonesia, entrepreneurship is everywhere because opportunity is everywhere. With a population of 280 million, an MBA graduate can become a successful entrepreneur if they match their MBA knowledge with their deep understanding of the Indonesian demographic, socio-geographic and pyscho-graphic situation as well as stay up to date with Indonesian political relationships with other countries. Indeed, many startups fail, but the failure rates in Indonesia tend to be directly associated with mis-management and incorrect assumptions, such things a successful MBA graduate would avoid.

Entrepreneurs and business people looking for career growth through an MBA in Jakarta would likely choose an English business school considering the international language of business is English. Which English MBA program in Jakarta is best? Research is a must, but check the schools international awards, accreditations and partnerships. Review their alumni, see where these alumni are today...are they successful? The top three internationally recognised business schools in the EdUniversal ranking system should act as your starting point, as this unbiased and independent organisation is considered the most accurate and reliable source of information in the world.

Best Business Schools for International Careers in Indonesia

What are you looking for in an MBA program? If an international career is important, whether career opportunities in a multi-national company within Indonesia, or a desire to work abroad, then choosing an Indonesian business school with International accreditation is critical. The school should also use Engish as the language of learning.

The curriculum itself is inherently important. An MBA program that offers real life principles and theories can be applied to start-up businesses as well as established organisations requiring navigation through the present volatile economic conditions. For example, the Harvard Business School has established an outstanding program based on what is known as the ‘Harvard Case Study’ method. This is a discussion of real-life situations that business executives have faced. Often, students are surprised to discover that the objective of the case study is not to reach consensus, but to understand how different people use the same information to arrive at diverse conclusions.

In Indonesia, IPMI International Business School was the first to adopt the Harvard Business Case Study method.

IPMI has partnered with Dijon and ISG in France, CEU in Hungary, and Catolica Lisbon in Portugal that often collaborate for students exchange program. Recently, Melbourne Business School has joined the crew to deliver executive education program in Indonesia through IPMI.

IPMI is sponsored by and is partnered with Sriboga Raturaya, a leading food producing industry where students can find a place to gain experience.

Programs offered by IPMI business school include:

  • MMA (Those having 3 years of work experience)

  • Executive MBA (Those having 5 years of work experience)

  • CMA preparatory program

  • In-house Professional Development Programs

IPMI IBS is renowned to utilize Harvard Business School case-based pedagogic approaches to meet the needs of changing dynamics of the business world.

IPMI has gathered an International standard faculty from the UK, France, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Singapore, and Indonesia to efficiently follow the case-based pedagogic approach.

The ambiance and learning strategies are made relatable for students to learn efficiently and effectively the varying dimensions of business world. IPMI holds a strong relationship with its alumni to assist in the development of enrolled students as leaders in the Indonesian business industry.

The competent alumni of IPMI has established the fact that Indonesian education system is no less than the international standard.

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