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200 Bakery Industry Players Join the Sriboga Baking Demo & Digital Business Seminar

Sriboga Flour Mill is again holding a Baking Demo activity in Bandung. The event took place at the Grand Asrilia Hotel Convention

This time Sriboga Flour Mill held a Baking Demo event titled Sriboga Bakery & Pastries Fiesta.

While the theme raised was 'Bakery Innovation & Digital Smartpreneur'. The participants who attended were around 200 people from Bandung and several regions in West Java. Each of them is a business person in the bakery industry, UKM, until Start Up Foodpreneur.

This Baking Demo is also practiced directly by trusted chefs from Sriboga Flour Mill. The chefs are Chef Vidya Listyanova (Sriboga Customer Bandung), Chef Rudi Nasrudin (Sriboga Customer Center Semarang), and Chef Bangun Budianto (Sriboga Customer Center Yogyakarta).

In front of 150 participants, the three chefs demonstrated several recipes and how to make bread or bakery. Among these cake recipes are Chicken Croissant Cheese (Chickrocheese), Bluder Cheese, and Pao Beef Maranggi.

Also present were two baking demo sponsors, namely Chef Koko Hidayat from Filma, and Chef Dini from Emina Cheese. Both of them demonstrated how to make Choco Cheese Cookies and Klepon Cake. The flour ingredients used are Hime (special flour to make bread) and Double Zero (special flour to make pastry).

During the process of making a number of the bread menu, the participants seemed to seriously pay attention to the explanation of the chefs. Some of the participants were also busy flipping through recipe books to see the composition of the raw materials used.

Not only that, the participants actively asked questions related to the menu demonstrated, knowledge about baking in general, to the raw materials used in bakery & pastry products. During the series of events, visitors were also offered attractive promos from various sales stands at the baking demo event.

General Manager of PT Sriboga Flour Mill, Rike Sundari, said that the Sriboga Bakery & Pastries Fiesta baking demo event was also a momentum to re-introduce the 1kg Hime and Double Zero flour packaging use of 1kg of flour feels more practical and economical for SME Bakery, Horeca, Start-Up, and Household businesses in Indonesia.

Rike said, "In this activity, we also present a digital business speaker from Google My Business. The goal is to share information with participants about the ways and benefits of registering their business in the Google search engine. That way, their businesses are widely seen by people, and can increase sales online".

PT Sriboga Flour Mill's Costumer Center Manager, Panca Indra Pristiawan, added, the purpose of this Baking Demo is to educate business people in the baking industry and others, regarding the latest bakery trends and the use of supporting materials.

Panca said, "Hopefully, the Bakery and SME industry players can utilize super premium grade flour such as Hime and Double Zero, as superior raw materials to produce quality business products".

Credit: West Java Tribune

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