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The Indonesia Finance Award II 2019 at IMPI International business School

The Indonesia Finance Award II 2019 & Conference Finance award was again held at IPMI International Business School, South Jakarta and was attended by 150 commissioners, directors, general managers and other management staff. Appreciation of the 2019 IFA II highest award was given to the best companies in finance in Indonesia from various industries.

IFAII 2019 was organized by Economic Review, Indonesia Asia Institute, IPMI International Business School and Perbanas Institute. This year the theme was raised about Solid Financial Performance for Sustainable Financial Value Creation in the Industry 4.0 Era.

IFAII 2019

In the digital era 4.0 and the development of technology as it is now, the flow of information is running so fast, internet technology has changed one's outlook on getting information, including in the world of business accounting. Technological developments change business, making it not a lot of human resources needed in business including accounting staff.

"This resulted in the underestimate accountant profession related to the impact of technology on the work of accountants. This makes a tough challenge that must be answered. The Founder of the Indonesia-Asia Institute - Economic Review Hj said. "Through this award, it is hoped that the motivated companies will improve their achievements and the important role of finance, value creation in private companies, state-owned companies, and regional enterprises in Indonesia,".

2019 IFA II Judging, carried out objectively, fairly, by an Independent Jury that is competent and independent in the field of Finance.

The event began with a discussion that presented speakers, including Destry Damayanti, Member of the LPS (Deposit Insurance Corporation) Board of Commissioners; A. Dewantoro Marsono, MBA (Head of Perbanas Institute's PED Unit); Thilagavathy Nadason (Finance Director of PT Bank Maybank Indonesi Tbk); Marisa Gemiralda (President Director of PT Asuransi Binagriya Upakara); Muhammad Yamin (PT BPD Bank Kaltimara Director Opertional) with moderator Ardo R Dwitanto (Faculty / Head of Investment Gallery IPMI International Business School).

"Today's award winners are companies that are proven to have a range of advantages, and are expected to provide inspiration and motivation for business people in Indonesia to improve company performance," added Irlisa Rachmadiana.

This award was also given to Destry Damayanti as a 2019 Financial Leader and to 6 2019 IFA II general champions; PT Asuransi Kresna Mitra Tbk, PT Asuransi Binagriya Upakara, PT Bank BTPN Syariah, PT BPD Bank Katim Kaltara, PT Maskapai Reasuransi Indonesia Tbk, PT Bank Maybank Indonesia.

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